Monday, March 5, 2012

500 BOOKS IN 300 DAYS – WEEK 40

I've been running this weekly competition on my Facebook fan page since January 1, 2011, and it'll run well into 2012. Most weeks I've been giving away three of my trilogies and quartets, signed, except for breaks where I've given away iPads. If you'd like to enter the current iPad competition (Aussies only, for legal reasons), go here:

Total number of my books won so far: 406 + 29 (people who've earned 3 Honourable Mentions) = 441.

The last competition was the all-audiobook competition.

WEEK 40 QUESTION – What's the worst excuse of all time? The cleverest, funniest, most moving or wittiest entries win. No knowledge of my books needed. 


First Prize – The View from the Mirror audiobooks on CD, 91 hours of listening, signed.

Second Prize – The Vengeance audiobook on CD, 26 hours, signed.

3rd Prize – 
The Vengeance audiobook on MP3CD, 26 hours, signed. 

There were 58 entries this week. 

1st, Pamela Maddocks, 2nd Ward Bond, 3rd, Esther Walls      

Honourable Mentions (get 3 HMs and you also win). 
Lej Parton, Michael Potter, Matthew Elric Romeo, Toby Johnson, Victoria Proctor.   

The complete list of winners for 2011– 2012 can be found here: 

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