Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Impressions

After 27 books, you'd think I'd be blasé about the latest one, but it doesn't work that way. I've had a lot of stories out in the three years since my last epic fantasy novel, The Destiny of the Dead, was published – new editions of my 3 Human Rites eco-thrillers, 5 children's books, a novella and a heap of articles. And I've enjoyed them all, particular the humorous Grim and Grimmer tales for kids – they're the most fun I've ever had writing. 

But epic fantasy is my great love; it’s what I’ve spent most of my writing life doing. And The Tainted Realm is a brand new fantasy. It’s unrelated, as far as I know, to the Three Worlds series that occupied so much of my time and imagination for the first 21 years of my writing. Not to mention the decade before that when I wanted to start writing but had too many other commitments. 

So, Vengeance, Book 1 of The Tainted Realm, is an important book, not just to me and my publisher, but to my fans as well. It’s officially published this week, but I live an hour's drive from a bookshop and haven't been in one in ages. 

Is it on the shelves yet? Seeing one’s book in a bookshop for the first time can be a humbling experience. Covers I’ve loved in my office shrink into insignificance among the thousands of other books. Blurbs I’ve laboured over fail to capture the essence of a story I spent thousands of hours writing. 

What are your first impressions on Vengeance? I’d love to hear.

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